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Biohazardous medical waste is any waste that contains infectious  materials or any materials that might be infectious, such as waste produced by physicians’ offices and hospitals. We help you dispose of your biohazardous waste cost effectively and compliantly.

Biohazardous waste is of medical origins such as biomedical waste from laboratories, medical research offices, and veterinary clinics. Biohazardous waste is any solid or liquid material that contains contaminants like blood and body fluids.  It also includes the byproducts of diagnosis, immunization, or treatment of humans or animals.  Some examples of such byproducts are Petri dishes, and bandages, medical gloves, and used sharp items like scalpels and needles. Biohazardous waste can also include organic material left on swabs, tissue paper, or towels.

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At Eastern Medwaste, your compliance and cost savings are important to us and your business. Eastern MedWaste provides biohazardous waste disposal services for customers just like you from our headquarters in Greenville, SC.

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